Tree climbing

Discover tree climbing with our 150 games spread over our 10 courses in height, up to 14 meters ! The tree climbing in Clohars-Fouesnant, 10 minutes from Quimper !

The activity is accessible from 2 years old, the adventurers could discover the courses Pitchoun’ and Super Pitchoun’.

Our formulas includes 3H of tree climbing + a access to the 8 meters climbing wall !

Our rates

Adventure Parc from 2 years old

The activity is accessible from 2 years old, the adventurers could discover the courses Pitchoun’ and Super Pitchoun’.

The Pitchoun’ can also taste the joy of the tree climbing ! Evolving at there rhythm, or courses appropriated to their age and at parents height. Nothing better to develop their motor skills and their autonomy.

Apprentice acrobate, come discover the tree climbing courses Pitchoun’ and Super Pitchoun’ accessible from 2 years old.

Our courses

From 1 to 14 meters high

Experience the thrill with more than a 150 games spread accros 10 tree climbing courses from 1 to 14 meters high !

Les Pitchoun’ peuvent eux aussi goûter aux joies de l’accrobranche ! Évoluant à leur rythme, sur des parcours adaptés à leur âge et à la hauteur des parents : Rien de mieux pour développer leur motricité et leur autonomie.

Apprentis acrobates, venez découvrir les parcours Pitchoun’ et Super Pitchoun’ accessibles dès 2 ans !

Our yellow and orange courses have been conceived for a smooth discovery of the tree climbing. Spider box, nets, climbing wall, and other playful exercises will allow you to familiarize with the activity without taking too much height. Come test your adventurer soul on courses accessible for everyone starting at 6 years old, from beginner to the most experienced.

We’re going up crescendo ! The Green and Zip courses, accessible from 8 years old, will offer you more sensations. Zipline, various games with a hint of difficulty, all for fun and to spend a good moment in family !

For bolder climbers, the blue and brown courses are ideal. Accessible from 10 years old, you’re going to be evolving on exercises a little more complex while getting close from the treetop. Height and a little bit of difficulty: what could be better ? Like every accessible courses for the 6 years old and more, they are
equipped with a life line system in order to climb with confidence.

On the hunt for an adrenaline rush ? Test yourself on our most extreme courses. Take even more height on the red and black courses, up to 15 meters hight and cross slackfline, Tarzan jump and many other obstacles that will stand in your way. Physical strength, balance and a mind of steel will be your best allies to succeed. Accessible from 12 years old, will you be ready to face them ?

Climbing wall from 6 years old

A 8 meters high climbing wall with 3 lanes.

Challenge the height
Our artificial rock will allow you to climb at 6 years old and more. With its 3 different lanes, every climbing is unique and allows to exceed your limit of fear of height, balance and

Climbing whit security!
An automatic belay system allowing to evolve safely, with its automatique descent.

Security, our priority

Life line system

All our courses above 1m high are equipped with a lifeline from Coudou Pro. A system enabling to be attached at all times until the end of the course.

Video briefing

Before going into the trees, it’s mandatory to watch the briefing video. A joyful system allowing an easier understanding of the safety rules, before accessing the test course.

Periodic inspection

All our installations are verified every year by an independent organism and a forest expert. Our courses are verified daily by our operators.

Frequently asked questions

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